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A look into my feed reader

Having recently abandoned social media (it feels really good, by the way), and not enjoying the ads, pop-ups, and overall clickbaity tone of most news sites, I have now moved to using rss feeds to get my updates. I find it funny that rss feeds have been around for ages, but after years of not really getting it, I now enjoy this method for getting news and updates more than any other.

So here are some of them in no particular order:

The Oatmeal – Comics, Quizzes, & Stories The Oatmal comics are amazing: they are funny, relatable, witty, and I especially enjoy the science based ones. When a new one is online, it always brightens my mood. Link to feed

The Monday Kickoff The Monday Kickoff is the best. Scott Nesbitt writes about interesting, thought provoking stuff found on the internet, often science related, but not necessarily. I really enjoy getting his updates every Monday. Some links I visit straight away, others I keep for the rest of the week. Link to feed

AlternativeTo – News AlternativeTo is a datbase that lists alternatives to most popular programs and apps, that can be filtered by platform and license. I am moving to FOSS as much as I can and it is useful to be able to search for Open Source alternatives to commercial software. The News section always contains relevant information about games, apps, and privacy. Link to feed

Follow Friday This is a blog curated by the Write.as team showcasing blogs by other writers in the community. It is a great source for discovering interesting blogs to read and follow. Link to feed

DuckDuckGo Blog DuckDuckGo is a powerful search engine that respects users privacy. I have switched to it from google years ago and I never felt any need to go back. Their blog is focused on privacy and it's always well written and well documented. Link to feed

Al Jazeera English This is my main source of news for what is happening all over the World. It is hard to find sources that are not biased, and this one is pretty good from that point of view. I also read other sources, but this is the main one. Link to feed

Snopes.com Snopes is the place to go for verifying if something we hear on the internet is a hoax or not. It's extremely useful in general, but in these strange times we are living I find it really helpful. Link to feed

I hope these links are helpful and of interest for those who may stumble upon my blog. And if you are reading this and want to suggest, do get in touch: I am always looking for interesting readings!

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~ Melyanna