Tools of the trade: stretchly

Useful tools for blogs and websites. Home-working well-being. Part 4.

Working all day in front of a computer may not be an intense physical activity, but it is still taxing for our eyes, muscles, and body. stretchly is a cross-platform, FOSS app by Jan Hovancik, that reminds you to take breaks when working with a computer.

stretchly is great for reminding us to take short breaks and contains useful tips for stretching and giving our bodies a break.

By default, it runs the system tray and shows reminder windows every 10 minutes, containing ideas for 20 seconds long micro-breaks.

Every 30 minutes, it shows windows containing ideas for longer 5 minutes breaks.

The reminder windows can be set to be displayed full screen, which I find very useful, as they help with making sure that I don't interact with the screen. All breaks can be postponed, of course, so there is no risk of losing important work, and control of the computer can be regained at any time.

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