The McDonald's Problem

Life is like McDonald's 🍔

I was talking to a friend over lunch – he is also my neighbour and a co-worker, so it has been fairly easy to stay in touch even during lockdown – when he mentioned the fact that the burgers we were eating were good, but unlike McDonald's burgers, the flavour of sauces and other ingredients would vary slightly each time.

“McDonald's is sh-t”, he said, “but you can count on the fact that it will always follow a specific standard, and always be the same”.

I pointed out that it is quite easy to follow a standard when you set one so low it can be described as “it's sh-t”, but it did make me think of how life can be the same sometimes.

People who have a quality bar with what they do and how they behave that is so low that nothing more is expected from them, tend to be able to get away with putting much less effort in what they do, compared to others. And when, even if it was an accident, they do a little more, they get praised.

People with higher standards are expected to always meet them, meaning they get no praise when they do well (it is to be expected), get asked to do more, and are even scolded a bit when they make a mistake or can't keep up with their average standards.

I am a firm believer that we should do something because it is right, not because others will react a certain way or because it will get us a certain result, but sometimes it does get a bit annoying.

I think this is one of the reasons why every now and then I need “a breather”, a little time by myself, alone. I definitely also need it because I am an introvert, but being able to hit pause for me is the most important tool to avoid burnout.

Note: before I sound like I am bragging, I should add that I see my inability to half-ass things as an obstacle I need to overcome, as it prevents me from getting things done.

ADD Girl explained it really well in her blog post:

Best is better’s worst enemy. If you’re always holding out for the BEST, you’ll hesitate to take steps towards better.


~ Melyanna