Testing the “publish via email” feature

I have been a write.as user for a long time, but this is the first time I am using the publish via email feature.

I am using k-9 to write this post, and I am curious to see if plain text translates well into markdown.
I know this feature would turn html into markdown if I used an email client that supports html-formatted emails, but the main reason for me to post via email would be the ability to post from my phone.

This post is going to my private blog first, so I can review it before publishing it.
I think that this could also be a workaround to publish pages and posts that I don't want to trigger the newsletter, since I am pretty sure that moving a post from a private blog to a public one does not push it to the newsletter.

Well, let's hit send and see how it goes...


The post went through well, with only a couple small issues with converting links and with the <!--more--> shortcode.

Overall, I think this will be a good option for short and simple notes, but probably not the best for longer posts with links.


~ Melyanna