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My thoughts on the novel “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn

I used to be an avid reader, but my life has been so hectic recently, and filled with not-so-good events, that I abandoned reading for quite a long time now.

Since I am picking myself up and getting back into healthy habits, for my mind, but also for my body, I decided to start reading again, and started with Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, and what can I say, other than ask myself why did I wait so long before reading this?

This book went straight into my list of favourite books, and, together with Flowers for Algernoon, by Daniel Keyes, is the one book I would recommend anyone.

Ishmael is a philosophical novel that reads as easily and smoothly as a well written fictional novel, while also being extremely thought provoking and insightful on what is the human condition and on civilization in general.

The format of the Socratic conversation, a dialogue between a teacher and their pupil, is perfect for analysing one by one the many layers of thoughts that lead the reader to a deep reflection on the condition of humankind and our relationship with the environment.

The book was published in 1992, but I found it absolutely relevant today.

Ishmael is masterfully written, both for its contents and for the way they are presented, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone I talk to, and read its sequels: Th story of B and My Ishmael.

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~ Melyanna