Plans cancelled, burnout, holidays...

Spending my days at home instead of going to Finland.

As of two days ago, I am finally off! Work has been very intense and I ended up hitting pause on my life online outside of work hours (which, to be honest, ended up being really long anyway the last two weeks of June).

I also ended up pausing my exercise routine, because it is so hot here and I was so tired, and pretty much anything that isn't work, with the exception of D&D nights on Fridays.

As a result of that, now that I am off I feel completely burned out and like I could sleep for 3 days straight (which I might do).

I had to cancel my trip to Finland and Tuska, as one of my close relatives is very ill and I don't feel like being away from home in case my family needs me: it already happened to me in January and it felt absolutely terrible. I don't mind staying home anyway, I have friends here I can hang out with and, frankly speaking, I quite like the idea of just relaxing at home at my own pace.

I am hoping to go to bed early today, so I can wake up early tomorrow and go for a run before it's too hot to move. I would also like to spend some time painting, journaling, and experimenting with my pi, which lays unused (and is dealing with the hot temperatures like champ).

Hopefully, I will blog more and have some more interesting updates in the next few days as I recharge my batteries!


~ Melyanna