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Happy Pride Month

LGBT Human Rights Worldwide | OutRight Action International


Italy will exit from lockdown completely starting on June 03, though rules about having your temperature measured, keeping a certain distance from other people, and wearing masks will apply.

The Company has put in place very strict rules to protect our safety, and they are asking us to come back to work, but just one day each, to make sure that no room in the office gets to crowded. My days are Fridays, but I will actually start from the week after the next, as next week I’d have to travel by train and I don’t feel comfortable doing so yet.

From the week after, I will be commuting by car, riding with a friend who is also a co-worker and who lives nearby.

I prefer working from home, but to be honest I am actually looking forward to going to the office one day of the week.

I am hoping, going forward, that the company will be more relaxed about working from home, and that I will actually be able to take advantage of that: it would be best for both myself and 505 Games, as the time I spend communting can be spent being productive and working, with no unexpected delays, no bad moods because the train was too crownded, and more flexible hours on my end (whereas if I travel by train, I have to leave the office at a certain time, or I won’t get home).

I set up a Mastodon account that matches my Twitter account, allowing me to keep my art separate from what my work contacts and people interested in my work would like to see.

I have also updated my LinkedIn profile and set up a contact page that has my name in it rather than my pseudonym.

Next I will be updating my resume and put it online here, so it can be downloaded.


I am still active on ~tilde-club~: other than spending time in the chat and watering my ASCII plant, I set up a scrip that allows me to update my text based tweets and my personal Mastodon account at the same time.

I did no significant work on my Pi4, as I realised most of the projects I would like to work depend on a reliable internet connection, so I need to fix that first, or work on something offline.

I have, however, figured out how to split my online “personalities” so that they are clearly differentiated based on my interests. In the next weeks I will be hard at work to set everything up so that my blog, my art accounts, my tech accounts, and my work ones are all nicely separated and clearly accessible.

Last, but not least, I will take advantage of the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and of the second half of the year to try and work on myself more: keep up with my routines, and do all the things that make me feel better, even if I have no motivation to start.

Our Curse of Strahd D&D campaing is still on covid-19 hiatus.