This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated: 2020-09-28 14:10:07


I have been working really hard recently: booting up my work computer at 8am and not shutting it down until 9pm, sometimes even later. The industry is growing, and with so many new platform to support come new challenges and a bigger workload. Work is my main source of happiness right now, with many successful products and with the push to constantly learn, grow and improve. Feedback this year has been positive and I am hoping that things will continue this way (though if the workload could calm down a little, I wouldn’t mind it!).


The Curse of Strahd D&D campaing has finally been brought back from hiatus and I am over the moon about it! Our next session is probably going to be our last one, where we kill Strahd or die trying: either way, I will be happy. After this campaign, we will most likely move to a new Forgotten Realms one, or possibly start a Lex Arcana one with a different DM/Custode. I like both ideas and honestly I am just really looking forward to seeing my friends regularly again and forget, at least for one evening, that the World kind of sucks.

On the internet, I am still reading up on concepts like text-only websites, growing a digital garden, and in general going back to a “better” internet, where netizens share ideas in a constructive way, and with no big companies collecting data and dictating what type of content to consume. The one thing I wish I could tell my friends and family about is how not having Facebook has actually improved my social life on the internet: when you communicate with more than just a thumb up, and when you put actual effort into posting something you have thought about, things can only improve.