What I am is focused on at this point in my life.

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers and last updated on Fri Mar 19 18:48:44 STD 2021.


Working on new platforms such as PS5, Xbox S|X, Stadia (and more!) has been a exciting challenge. I had to interact with LinkedIN again (looking for someone to hire in my team!), and when I use it I hate every minute of it: it is strange how my perception of social media has changed since I stopped using them.


Covid-19 has definitely slowed down any progress towards getting my life back together. I can't believe it's March 2021 already and that I am 41.

I do have Resolutions for 2021 that will hopefully put me back on track completely (or as close as I can). Part of these resolutions are goals I had set for myself last year that I couldn't fully meet because they were quite ambitious and also the Universe was against me, so I am giving myself another year.