End of the month update

What I have been up to the month of May

Reviewing my goals for this past month, to see how well I have been doing and hold myself accountable. Goals I have not achieved or I have partially achieved will move to next month.

Wings for Life charity run

Achieved! The run tool place on May 08, and it was a great experience. I documented it in this blog post. It was such a great experience, I have already signed up for the next one! I did a very slow 5K this time, but next time I'd like to do a 10K.

Focus on personal finance, taxes, kakeibo

Somewhat achieved... I did go back to filling in my kakeibo, and documents for my taxes are almost ready (just need to print them all out and submit them). I didn't particularly watch my expenses though, and I still have to call the bank to sort out my mortgage situation, so I can save some more money and get my own apartment.

Run/train regularly & do 130 pushups

Somewhat achieved... I did achieve 130 pushups. I can't believe I have done it, actually! I started with 12 in the beginning of April and I was struggling, I would have not thought I could do 130. I am currently on a brief break as I got small surgery and have stitches on my foot and leg, however I actually stopped training before that, and I have been extremely sedentary and unmotivated for a good half of this month.

Keep up with medical check-ups

Achieved! I went through all the poking and prodding that I had planned to go through and even had surgery as the result of one of my checks. I am still short one dentist appointment but it is booked for middle of next month, so I consider it done.

Tidy up my clothes & items

Failed I am not horribly messy, however I am hoping to find an apartment soon and I do need my stuff to be tidy and ready to be moved, so I will have to work on this next month.

Blog, journal, read, paint, study

Somewhat achieved I could have done better. When I lost my training streak I also stopped all other activities I was doing regularly, including blogging, journaling, reading, and painting. I never actually picked up studying again. I am hoping to change this next month.

Next month

By the end of the year

Ongoing – working on it!

Ultimate Goals

~ Melyanna