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It's the end of 2020, and I would like to share some tools and website that I will definitely be using in 2021, so we could call this the “New Year Resolutions” edition.


After spending months in lock-down sitting at my computer, doing nothing but work, I realised that my body needed to move and exercise. Exercising did improve my mood in addition to my physical health.


Our minds need to exercise too, to be healthy. Here are a couple of sites with free, solid courses:


Board Games are the best tool to relax, be social, and keep our minds active in a fun way. I usually play board games and tabletop RPGs with my close group of friends, but this year we had to put our D&D campaign on hiatus. Thankfully though, there are online platforms for playing games.

And this will be my last post of 2020! Here's to a less crappy 2021 for everyone.


~ Melyanna