Don't trust atoms, they make up everything...

Who is Melyanna? 


I am an old cat lady who spends way too much time daydreaming.

I work in the video games industry and enjoy my job very much.

When I am not working, I spend my time blogging, playing video games, table-top games (mostly RPGs, but board games too), reading all sorts of genres, and making art.

My all-time favourite films and TV series are Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Firefly, Barry Lyndon and Blade Runner.

I am a vegetarian and my favourite foods are pizza (how original) and French fries.

I drink way too much tea and my kettle is my best friend.

I live with my partner Rodolfo (aka Gnagnulo) and five rescued cats: Gatto Simpatico, Penelope, Polifemo, Psycho and Fluffy.

We recently had to say goodbye to Sgorgo, the beloved grampa of our feline family, who has been with us for 17 years.